Telecom Infra Event 2019

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The Telecom Infra event will take place in Breepark, Bavelseparklaan 7, 4817 ZX Breda in the Netherlands on the 26th of September 2019

The Telecom Infra event is the information platform about and for networks, the telecom infrastructure and the program focuses specifically on: Broadband technology, LTE and Indoor wireless. This event is organized for providers/operators, installers, building owners and various technical market areas using the telecom infrastructure. The speakers and participants of this event show how the great diversity of technology can be used in one day.

By visiting the Telecom Infra 2019 you will be inspired by the offer that you will find there.

Topics that will be discussed are among other topics the next-generation networks, 5G, Fiber to the home and IoT.

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You can park on P4. (PDF Only in the Dutch language)

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