Industrial Desktop Displays

The Industrial LCD monitor range is specifically designed for demanding environments where system critical applications require a rugged and reliable display.

For either standard VESA systems or older legacy systems we have a range of LCD displays with different mounting options to suit your need. 


The combination of a highly flexible PAL/NTSC video interface and a VGA to SXGA data display makes this type of monitor the perfect choice for industrial applications and system integrators eager to meet their client’s current and future display requirements.

Available product features  

  • A choice of AC or DC voltages 
  • An industrial touch screen can be easily integrated into the display
  • Deep dimming backlights & transflective sunlight readability enhancement
  • Fixed frequency or auto-scanning with pixel expansion. 
  • Heavy-duty tiltable desktop stand with automatic image size adjustment.
  • Input connectors for BNC’s, VGA, DVI, TTL and a range of specific adaptors.
  • Two separate signal sources can be connected simultaneously and automatically switched on a priority basis.
  • PAL/NTSC versions are available on some models. 
  • Metal construction with toughened glass for stability and protection.
  • OSD controls enable picture zoom, flip, rotate and freeze frame features.

Downloadable Datasheets (PDF)
Model Size Aspect ratio Resolution IP SIgnal Input Touch Device Nominal Power
10.4 4:3 640x480 VGA/DVI Optional AC input (12&24VDC opt.)
10.4 4:3 640x480 TTL / RGB-BNC & VGA Optional AC input (12&24VDC opt.)
12.1 4:3 800x600 VGA/DVI Optional AC input (12&24VDC opt.)
15.0 4:3 1024x768 VGA/DVI Optional AC input (12&24VDC opt.)
15.0 4:3 1024x768 TTL / RGB-BNC & VGA Optional AC input (12&24VDC opt.)
19.0 5:4 1280x1024 Comp. video/PAL, VGA/DVI Optional AC Adapter (12-24VDC opt.)
19.0 5:4 1280x1024 TTL / RGB-BNC & VGA Optional AC Adapter (12-24VDC opt.)
12.1 4:3 800x600 VGA Resistive AC Adapter

App. Railway (Designed to Comply)

8.4 4:3 800x600 Comp. video/PAL AC input (12&24VDC opt.)

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