Kiosks for Digital Signage

Kiosks are displays for Digital Signage in indoor locations. The 46” or 70” displays are protected by a vandal proof and visually attractive frame/floor stand. The kiosks are primarily designed to satisfy the visualization needs of the public indoor retail and office environments.

The kiosks have a cutting edge aluminum and crystal design in black or mirror finishing and indoor IP30 compliance. The structure color and logo can be customized for the application.


General retailing, shopping-malls and corporate offices are just a few of many applications in which a kiosk can be applied.

More specific applications are proximity marketing, advertising & retail, digital in-store promotions, digital signage, indoor hotel infotainment, corporate TV, web TV or moving media.

Available product features

  • 46” or 70” LCD LED panel (LCD DID panel optional) with anti-Reflective/anti-Glare treatment.
  • Ambient light sensor (auto-dimming).
  • Audio with integrated speakers.
  • Capacitive Touch Screen kit.
  • Compatible with the most commonly used multimedia formats and codecs.
  • Digital Signage PC kit: integr. controller, Core I-family, Linux or Windows.
  • Multimedia input (USB, Smartcard reader, barcode reader).
  • Safety lock arrangements and shock sensor.
  • System to provide easy & quick service, maintenance and panel cleaning.
  • Temperature control (via RS-232, over-temperature automatic shutdown).
  • Webcam, with face/gender recognition and augmented reality.
  • Wireless capabilities (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, GPRS, IR).

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