Large Format Displays

Our wide screen and large format LCD displays are ideal as public information displays and for digital signage.

The widescreen format is offered in sizes from 22”-55” with a variety of different aspect ratios, resolutions, signal inputs and IP-ratings.

The high brightness and wide viewing angles combine superior image performance with rugged construction. Transflective displays enable near perfect viewing angles, even in direct sunlight.


For indoor applications, you can choose either lightweight plastic or rugged metal cases with a variety of screens with scratch-proof glass or anti-vandal protection to display production data for manufacturing environments and infotainment in trains, trams and buses.

For outdoor applications, the displays can be provided with a rugged IP65 / IP67 metal case to withstand dust & moisture and a variety of different screen-types as an alternative to LED-matrix displays, roller banners and slit flap displays.

For professional video wall configurations we offer digital loop-trough displays. Digital loop-through allows for connections between multiple displays without signal loss in the looped through chain, no matter what the input source will be.

Available product features

  • Automatic brightness control.
  • Internal temperature reading and diagnostic features by RS232.
  • DPMS power - saving on VGA and DVI inputs.
  • Marine Grade displays.
  • Multiple video inputs allow simple interfacing to most video & data systems.
  • Optionally available with integrated computer modules.
  • Rugged Standard Displays for use in harsh environments.
  • Serial control for all the features with individual monitor addressing by ID.
  • Transflective & IP Sealed Displays for outdoor use.
  • Ultra Narrow Bezel.

Downloadable Datasheets (PDF)
Model Size Aspect ratio Resolution IP SIgnal Input Touch Device Nominal Power
42.0 16:9 1920x1080 IP65 Comp. video/PAL, VGA, DVI & HDMI Optional AC Adapter (12-24VDC opt.)

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