Marine Keyboards - IEC 60945 approved

NSI's Marine approved Keyboards are long lasting and built for environments where your standard grade peripherals will not survive. 


Typical applications are maritime environments, access terminals, navigation control, general machine control and security systems.

Available product features

  • Certificate of Conformity fully compliant with IEC60945
  • Sealing to IP67
  • Separate numerical-, control- and function keypads
  • Integrated IP68 ergonomical trackball and scroll wheel
  • Removable ball for easy cleaning
  • High brightness LED's with fibre optic technology
  • Low power LED's warrant for a long life
  • No external power supply necessary, keyboard port power sufficient
  • Dimmable backlighting at 8 levels by two dedicated keys
  • Customized backlight control by an external DC voltage, PWM signal or potentiometer is available on request

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