Graphic HMC's

The HMC merges the entire functionality of a Controller and an HMI into one unit. It provides visual feedback and direct access of automation control systems on the factory floor, or anywhere an operator interface is needed. The HMC7000 Series connects to various input devices (pushbuttons, proximity switches, sensors) and output devices (actuators, motors, valves) using a modular or built-in I/O that is controlled using an internal program. This all-in-one control solution eliminates the need to purchase a separate HMI and PLC. Additionally, HMC technology offers other distinct advantages including:

  • Controller and Touchscreen display in one compact package
  • Same programming environment for the HMI and PLC - Program in half the time!
  • Wide variety of digital and analog expansion modules
  • From 1 to 80 I/O
  • Support for quadrature inputs & PWM output
  • High speed counters and timers
  • Reduces space requirements for control systems
  • Class I, Division 2 Rating

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