Chassis Displays

The chassis displays are designed for industrial applications in the Control field and other users that require a compact VGA display with high brightness and good viewing angles.

The rugged, metal construction of the displays ensures exceptional stability, especially important when touchscreen operation is necessary. Adjustable top and bottom fixing brackets allow easy mounting of the chassis to a front panel.

The chassis displays have a stripped mechanical design ideal for space- & cost-saving installations.


In the field of automation and control chassis displays are commonly used as embedded display units, industrial test equipment, instrumentation displays and automation LCD Panels.

Chassis displays are also a perfect solution for our OEM-customers who integrate these displays into a wide variety of applications like kiosks, arcade games, hospitality solutions, aviation simulators, ATM machines, lottery machines and amusement displays.

Available product features

  • 100% Open-Frame, or in KIT form, for price-sensitive applications.
  • 12V operation (90-260V AC via Power Pack), 24Vdc option by special order.
  • A touch screen can be integrated into the monitor
  • Designed for both monochrome & color CRT Replacement.
  • DVI-D and 15-D connectors, Mono. 10-way edge connector facility.
  • High Brightness and Wide Viewing Angles.
  • Metal construction with toughened glass for stability and protection.
  • On Board OSD Controls (remote OSD optional).
  • Resolutions from 640x480 – 1366x768.
  • Screen sizes from 8.4” – 26”.
  • Wide range of signal timings (15 kHz up to VGA, including CGA/EGA).
  • TTL, Analog & Interlaced Signals accepted.

Downloadable Datasheets (PDF)
Model Size Aspect ratio Resolution SIgnal Input Touch Device Nominal Power
8.4 4:3 800x600 RGB-BNC, VGA (TTL opt.) Optional 12VDC (24VDC, AC adapt. opt.)
10.4 4:3 640x480 RGB-BNC, VGA (TTL opt.) Optional 12VDC (24VDC, AC adapt. opt.)
12.1 4:3 800x600 RGB-BNC, VGA (TTL opt.) Optional 12VDC (24VDC, AC adapt. opt.)
15.0 4:3 1024x768 RGB-BNC, VGA (TTL opt.) Optional 12VDC (24VDC, AC adapt. opt.)
10.4 4:3 1024x768 Comp. video/PAL, VGA, DVI & HDMI Optional AC input (12&24VDC opt.)

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