Industrial Touchpads & Joysticks

The industrial touchpads from NSI use “Field Distortion Technology” to sense the presence of a finger. Because of the capacitive working principle, the unit might not work with thick gloves. The device is not pressure sensitive, a light touch is sufficient, tracking your fingertip precisely.

Product features

  • The Solid State industrial touchpad and switches are IP68 grade.
  • The silicone sponge panel seal, which is part of the touchpad, provides waterproof IP68 sealing for the total unit when properly mounted into the customers’ panel.

Audio-Nav Keypad

Audio-Nav is an assistive USB device offering menu navigation by means of audio direction.
Users with impaired vision, reading difficulties or impaired fine motor skills can navigate through menus or directories that would typically be presented on a visual display or touch screen. Screen content is presented and summarised by recorded or synthesized language via a headset or handset. Menu pages and available options can be scanned and selected using this responsive and highly tactile keypad device.

The Audio-Nav device is intended for use as the tactile/audio interface for any ADA or DDA compliant application such as kiosks, ticketing machines, vending machines, voting terminals etc.

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