Miniature Joysticks

For those applications that require greater operator movement for actuation, MH offers a line of miniature displacement joysticks. Our industrial joysticks are long lasting and built for environments where your standard office grade peripherals will not survive. 

Most models leverage magnetic Hall-effect sensor technology to provide miniature joysticks with a smooth feel, a reliable return to zero and improved operator accuracy.

Miniature joysticks come with a selection of knobs and handles. Many can be configured with additional functionality including z-axis control and push-buttons.


Our miniature joysticks are often used as stand-alone components for OEM-manufacturers where they are often integrated into control grips and hand controls. But our miniature joysticks also offer a wide variety of options to meet customer requirements and application needs.

Available product features

  • 1,2 or 3 axis control.
  • Large choice of handles.
  • Output : Pot. 5kOhm or 0 ... 5V/0,25 ... 4,75V.
  • Potentiometer or Hall effect technology.
  • Reduced mounting depth.
  • Front mounting (round structured splitted, rubber boot, square-splitted & snap-on).
  • Rear mounting (square structured).
  • With or without push button, up to 2 switches possible in handle top.
  • With or without spring return.

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